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Demanding is part of LGBT rights

When discrimination is widely being avoided and the equal rights are employed in effect in most of the countries in globe, Bangladesh is stepping behind on this prominent issue in terms of LGBT rights and in denial of accepting their responsibilities.

Government has established privileges for a vast number of people for their welfare. When government should always account all its people in Bangladesh in all matters, welfare for LGBT people remains out of agenda.

Hizra community people has been recently accepted as a recognised group and they are allowed to intervene in social, cultural and governing issues. However, LGBT people are not welcomed in the society and sufferings of LGBT community are covered up by charging them illegal offences such as drugs dealings.

Everyone born naturally with their unique natural human structure and feelings. Love is a feeling every person has distinctively and every individual enjoys in their comfort way. Like heterosexual people, LGBT people has the similar affection and intimation for men-men, women-women, men-men+women, women-women+men. Like heterosexual couple, LGBT couple has the right to walk by the streets, parks and entertainment zones regardless of any particular time, which I would elaborate as openly movement.

Having all these in accounts Apanjon has decided to demonstrate in front of the UK parliament house on 4th of October 2018 demanding rights of LGBT people in Bangladesh.

Therefore, I would like to invite our well-wishers to join this campaign. Please contact us if you are thinking to join us.

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