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                                Matthew Henry
​Coming Out

Coming out is telling people about your sexual orientation and sexuality as well as gender identity. Our prime task is to make sure an LGBT person does not suffer from any surrounding thing at all hence we provide cordial counselling on encouragement, support, motivational advice, overcoming fear and opportunities they have while practicing their own lifestyle. We invite every LGBT individual to our campaigns, monthly meetings, social cultural events and playful activities such as GAY nights. We discuss about individuals' all preventing issues to come out thus we arrange one-to-one sessions and group sessions.

​Legal Advice

Our motto is to make an LGBT person familiar with the laws and provide appropriate advice in the case of on an individual who needs to access those. We provide this service in order to protect an LGBT person from tortures, hate-crimes, physical & verbal abuse, discrimination, and other anti LGBT measures. We  regularly communicate with experienced solicitors and barristers in the UK in order for up-to-date information on legal matters to facilitate our members. 

Health and fitness

We are profoundly aware that an LGBT person is likely to encounter with health and fitness issues when it is a down time that is created by other non like minded individual, group or an organisation. Our activities includes morning walks, different games, gymnastics, swimming, sauna, long drives and many more. We believe a healthy well-being can help motivate social development.

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